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Cornmeal mush with homemade kefir

Žganci or palenta, the same thing! Well it's not ... the difference is that during preparation palenta must be continuously stirred, and žganci doesn't. Palenta has homogeneous structure and žganci has lumps. Well, I didn't know that but Mr. Google knows it all:) Although the palenta is a simple meal, it becomes delicacy with the inspiration of spices and the homemade kefir.

For this delicious bite you will need: - 150 g of palenta (Alnatura Polenta - gluten-free) - 500 ml of water - 3 tablespoons of olive oil - 1/2 tablespoons of Aromatica spices mix Vesela Lucija - 250 ml of homemade kefir Preparation steps are: 1. boil water with olive oil 2. add palenta and spices and mix to the desired density. Serve with the homemade kefir and enjoy.

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